Careers in Education

     This program is a two-year preparatory program for high school students interested in pursuing a career and/or college degree in education or related fields after graduation. During the program students will study human learning and development, instructional techniques, classroom management, and school issues. They will also have the opportunity to practice their knowledge in classroom settings. This course is open to juniors and seniors. 

Instructor Sherry McDaniel

     Mrs. McDaniel is experienced working within a range of educational platforms including internationally in Thailand, locally in elementary, middle, and high schools, but most extensively working to accommodate and teach students with autism, behavior disabilities, physical and learning disabilities.

     The goal of the Careers in Education program is to provide a range of practical experiences to those interested in pursuing a career in education so they can make an informed decision on what steps to take toward a career in education, that best meets their interest and speaks to their passion.

     The program provides learning opportunities in areas including, but is not limited to, becoming a classroom aide, a preschool teacher, a general educator, a special educator, a college professor, a speech language pathologist, an occupation specialist, or an outdoor educator.

Education & Certifications:

  • Career Technical Education Teaching Certificate, 2020
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention Certification, 2018
  • Master of Education, 2012
  • Certification: Intervention Specialist Mild to Moderate Educational Needs, K-12
  • Graduate Reading Endorsement (P-12)                                  
  • Bachelor of Arts, International Studies, 2007
  • Certification: Global Leadership Center

Professional Trainings:

  • TEACH Autism 
  • PESI Autism
  • PESI Oppositional, Defiant & Disruptive Children, and Adolescents 
  • Ripple Effect


Early Childhood Development I, II, III, & IV

Foundations of Education

Student Learning, Development, & Diversity

Educational Psychology

Teacher Preparation Seminar

Hands-On Learning

Program Certifications

EDGE Approved Curriculum

CPR/ First Aid

Fayette Association of Retired School Employees Scholarship