Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Electrical Technology$0$0$0$1950$1950
School of Practical Nursing$0$1000$1000$2405$4405

Refund Policy

     Adult enrollees will not receive a refund on textbooks and/or lab fees. Registration for adult education classes does not automatically carry with it the right to a refund or reduction of indebtedness in cases of inability to attend class or in cases of withdrawal. The student assumes the risk of all changes in business or personal affairs.

     Fayette Institute of Technology will apply an institutional refund policy formula for each period of enrollment as follows:

     If the student completes:

  • From start to 10% of the period of enrollment, 100% refund of charged tuition.
  • From 10.01% to 25% of the period of enrollment, 50% refund of charged tuition.
  • Over 25% of the period of enrollment, NO REFUND of charged tuition.

     Period of enrollment is one-half of the class, or 540 hours. All students receiving Federal Pell Grant monies will have the US Department of Education’s Return of Title IV Funds formula applied. Please be aware that student’s withdrawal prior to completion may result in the student owing money to the Pell Grant program. If you withdraw, drop out, or terminated from your class before completing 60% of your payment period, you may be required to repay a portion of award funds received.

    The amount of Title IV funds earned or unearned is calculated as follows:

  • Number of hours completed ÷ total hours in payment period

            (450) = % of aid earned

  • 100% – % of aid earned = % of aid unearned

Satisfactory Academic Progress

     A student must do the following to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress:

  • Maintain a “C” average
  • Complete at least 90% of his/her assignments
  • Complete his/her course within 100% of the originally scheduled course hours.

     The technical programs are designed to be completed by the full-time student in a 36-week time frame for total possible contact hours of 1080. Pell Grant qualifications require a minimum of 600 clock hours.

     The part-time student pursuing the one-year certificate in one of the programs may enroll for a minimum of (twelve) 12 contact hours per week and may take as long as twenty-four (24) months to complete the program.

     Each student’s progress will be reviewed at the end of each payment period.

     If a student fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress, he/she will be placed on probation; this probationary period generally will not exceed nine (9) weeks. A probation form will be completed, outlining the student’s deficiencies and probation completion criteria. The student and a school official will sign this form. A student on probation will receive their first Pell grant disbursement during their first semester; however, the second disbursement will be withheld until such time as probation requirements are completed.

     The student may appeal the determination of satisfactory progress and the termination of financial aid to the school’s principal based upon extenuating circumstances. In such cases, the principal may determine that the student is making satisfactory progress towards his/her certificate despite the failure to conform within the time frame or minimum grade averages.

     Students who are required to repeat courses within their program of study may do so, at no extra charge, so long as they are able to complete such courses by their originally scheduled completion date. If the student requires additional time to repeat any segment of their course, additional tuition may be assessed, and financial aid will not be available.

     A student who has been dismissed from the program for one semester may be reinstated on a probationary period of one semester. Financial aid will be reinstated for the probationary period after a mid-term grade verifies satisfactory academic standing.

     Students may withdraw and may receive a tuition refund if they withdraw prior to times stated in this handbook. Credit is given only for time completed and will only be kept on record for one (1) year following the withdrawal.

Financial Aid Information

Before you can begin your new class, we need to determine your financial aid eligibility.

FIT (day and evening) programs are eligible for the following types of financial aid:

  • Pell Grants (We do not process federal student loans)
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) (304-253-3611)
  • Veterans Affairs (
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • WV Division of Rehabilitation Services (


Step 1: Apply for a FSA I.D

Step 2: Complete the FAFSA online at for 2021-2022

The Federal School Code for FIT is 030765.  A Pell Grant (FAFSA) for 2021-2022 is based on your 2019 Federal Income Taxes. 

WIOA* – call the Workforce WV Career Center and make an appointment.  1.304.253.3611. If you are determined eligible, WIOA will cover expenses not covered by a Pell Grant, up to $5,000.  You could also receive as much as $100 per week   while attending classes.

*A FAFSA application must be on file with the Financial Aid Advisor before your eligibility for WIOA can be completed.

VA – If you are a Veteran, most FIT programs are approved for VA training.  Please provide a copy of your DD214.

For more information:

Dennis McGraw

Financial Aid Advisor
1.304.469.2911, Option 3