Welcome to the Fayette Institute of Technology (FIT). Our facility will offer you the benefit of integrated academics with technological skills acquired by "hands-on" experience. FIT instills in students the dignity in doing work that is useful to the individual and to society. Our career and technical programs are of high quality with realistic experiences suited to the needs, abilities, and interests of our students, our community, and the businesses we serve.  

The Fayette Institute of Technology provides a continuum of education to our students, which allows them to acquire advanced technical training in high school and beyond. This offers our students not only the technical skills for immediate employment, but also the ability to continue their education via articulation agreements at area community colleges.

The role of FIT is to assist individuals in preparing for, becoming employed in, and advancing the skills required for their career choice. The changing economy and the explosion of technology demand that we provide both cross training and retraining to our students for the effective use of this technology.

Technical training at FIT is available on an open-door basis to all those who meet the basic education requirements. We are accessible and flexible so that the greatest number of students can benefit from our services. We strive to recognize the individual differences of our students and foster their success.

Our programs are continuously upgraded to meet the needs of the changing job market. The labs and classrooms attempt to duplicate the actual work environment in each area.

The Fayette Institute of Technology will provide a continuum of education, which will allow students to acquire advanced career and technology training through high school and beyond.