Business Technology

     The e-Business Publishing area of study is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills needed in e-business and related occupations. Major instructional concepts are: producing images through hands-on activities such as using a digital camera, using imaging and drawing software; basic webpage design concepts and practice in creating Web sites; developing proficiency in using desktop publishing software to create a variety of printed publications with emphasis on journalistic principles in design and layout of print and web publications.

     Students will be given the opportunity to become proficient when using word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database applications, Internet, and/or personal information programs. Real world learning opportunities are provided as well as simulations and project-based learning activities. This course is open to juniors and seniors. Keyboarding skills are required. 

Instructor Stephanie Woodson


Word Processing

Business Computer Applications I

Business & Marketing Essentials

Desktop Publishing

Business Computer Applications II

Digital Imaging

Web Page Design

Accounting I

Hands-On Learning

Program Certifications

Business Information Technology Certification

EDGE Approved Curriculum- 18 Hrs