The Professional Start in Food Service careers program is a two-year program designed to train students for positions in the rapidly expanding food preparation and food management industry. The program includes training in food preparation, serving of food, food management, tourism, and their relationship to the food service industry. The State of West Virginia and FIT have adopted the National Restaurant Association’s Professional Start in food service preparation and management curriculum. This course is open to juniors and seniors.

Instructor Corbin Tonelli

     Mr. Tonelli has been in the food service industry for over a decade and doing international food shows for eight years. This is his fourth year teaching, and his first year at FIT

     He hopes students that want to pursue a degree in the culinary arts, work in the restaurant industry, or simply improve their cooking skills will sign up for the ProStart program to learn.

     He currently lives in Fayetteville WV with his wife and two children.


  • B.S. Culinary Arts, Mountain State University, Beckley, WV


Hospitality Industry and Service

ProStart IA

ProStart IB

Culinary Nutrition and the Menu

ProStart IIA

Event Planning

ProStart IIB

Food Service Management Practices

Hands-On Learning

Program Certifications

National Restaurant Association Certificate

EDGE Approved Curriculum

Serve Safe

Fayette County Food Handlers Card