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Col. Christopher Selvey & SFC David Coomes

Classes are taught by retired Army officers and noncommissioned officers experienced in working with young people. These professional military retirees have already sacrificed so much and are now giving back again. They are not guided by a time clock, but rather by their mission. In addition to what they naturally bring to high school students around the world, they have also stepped up to the challenge of integrating technology, embedding research based strategies, and embracing student-centered learning in their classrooms. Values like loyalty, respect, responsibility, service, honor, integrity, and personal courage cannot easily be taught in class. These values cannot be taught in books. Except, maybe, through the JROTC curriculum.

JROTC instructors use their extensive background of experience while working closely and successfully with young poeople. Their one-on-one guidance, reassurance, advice, and personalized instruction help to meet the specific needs of individual students. They are excellent role models who pull from a vast experience of working with young people..


The JROTC program is a high school course with regular classes during normal school hours. When you look at the way it benefits your students and school, it is in a class by itself.

Good Students:
In addition to teaching leadership, success skills, physical fitness, health, and citizenship, JROTC also teaches students how to efficiently improve their school work. Students are taught how to study more effectively enabling them to be more focused and proficient while taking tests. This is just the beginning to impressive results.

Great Learning:
The structure of the JROTC curriculum takes students beyond normal modes of classroom learning instilling a sense of discipline, confidence, and the belief that they can do whatever they set their minds to. The results are dramatic.

Better Grades:
A majority of cadets become motivated to be successful academically largely due to the program structure, the experience and character of the instructors, and the state of the art curriculum. This increased motivation has an impact on all classes.

High Graduation Rates:
Many Cadets report they perform better in their academic classes not only as a result of the motivation and inspiration they experience from their participation in JROTC but also because course materials augment and reinforce their academic subjects. Annual reports consistently indicate that cadets graduate at a higher rate than other students in the school.

Better School Community:
JROTC brings students together who are on different learning tracks and from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. JROTC cadets do not just come together as classmates: they work together as a team, learning and growing while supporting each other.

Increased Involvement:
Students who want to belong to something positive and meaningful find the JROTC program gives them an alternative to the usual mix of high school sports and integrated-curricular activites. JROTC is a different kind of team with diversified challenges and rewards.

Solid Citizens:
JROTC goes well beyond the classroom by providing many opportunities to participate in community events and to volunteer for community services, it leads cadets to a practical understanding of how to be good citizens.

It is important to know that JROTC is not a recruitment nor an indoctrination program. The military structure is only a vehicle to develop and improve students' self-discipline, confidence, and pride in ways schools generally do not offer. Our goal is to develop good students and citizens. Nothing is more rewarding than JROTC integrated-curricular activities. JROTC uses a unique but proven approach across the world to guide students toward success in high school, college, and beyond.

More than a class:
The curriculum is but one ingredient in the equation of achieving success. Instructors work closely with principals and teachers in host schools to add value. JROTC is part of the overall effort to build emotional and academic skills, as well as good character and citizenship. Cadets learn leadership skills by earning more demanding positions of leadership as they rise through the ranks of the corps.

Through studies, activities, and service learning cadets incorporate into their way of life success skills such as setting goals, developing winning habits, overcoming fears of failure, developing personal and social responsibility, and learning how to make decisions and solve problems, They learn to feel pride in a job well done.

The program reinforces performance, not just in JROTC, but in all classes with a system of recognition for accomplishments and excellence. When cadets perform well in leadership, community service, academics, or other activities, they are recognized in well attended, formal ceremonies with promotions, ribbons for their uniforms, and leadership positions in drill, academic, and leadership teams.

JROTC students become positive representatives of their schools and communities by honoring their leadership and confidence skills through their extracurricular activities. Participating in drill, color guard, academic and leadership competitions, and camps challenge cadets to sharpen their leadership, academic, and confidence skills, as well as to strengthen their ability to work as part of a team.

Members of the color guard, drill, academic, and leadership teams, as one principal says, "Serve as ambassadors for the school and the school district." Their performance at school and civil ceremonies/events provide their school with a proud presence in the community. No course is more rewarding than JROTC.

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JROTC Mission:
"To motivate young people to be better citizens."

The Army has succeeded in promoting a drug-free, constructive, energized learning environment for each school that hosts a unit.

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