Business Information Technology


Information Technology

Instructor: Stephanie Woodson

    The e-Business Publishing course is designed to provide training in accepted procedures required by the business world to enable the student to become proficient upon accepting employment. Students study professional business ethics, technology for business, machine transcription procedures, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, electronic presentations, desktop publishing, digital imaging, and web page design.
    Included in the courses are listening, proofreading, and editing skills, problem solving, communication exercises, basic skills for English, math, decision making, and critical thinking. Students also study procedures designed to interact effectively with co-workers, supervisors, customers, and clients. Incorporated with the curriculum and concepts designed to enable the student/worker to make wise decisions that will help his/her financial future and make them a better citizen.
College Credit Agreements
  • WVUIT - Articulation and Dual Credit (15 hours)
  • E.C.P.I., Roanoke, Virginia - Articulation
    WV EDGE Approved Program (18 hours)


Courses Include:

  • Word Processing
  • Business Computer Applications I
  • Office Management
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Business Computer Applications II
  • Digital Imaging
  • Web page Design
  • Personal Finance
Concentration is also given on:


  • Creating Web Pages using HTML structural tags as well as working in a Web Site Design Program
  • Designing and creating professional quality publications suitable for course work, professional purpose, and personal use.
  • Records Management (Filing)
  • Business Grammar/Basic Math Skills
  • Transcription
  • Training on Various Business Office Equipment
  • Cooperative Education Opportuinties
  • Work-Based Learning Credit
  • West Virginia EDGE Opportunities
Unique Opportunities

    Throughout the year, students complete various business office activities within the classroom. Students type a variety of documents, copy materials, and complete integrated assignments for teachers, staff members, and the main office. Students compete in various business competitions at Concord University and WVUIT.

Work-based learning credit is awarded for participation in these activities.

Each student completes an extensive individual student portfolio.



  • F.I.T. Technical Career Education Certificate of Completion
  • Business Information Technology Certification and Keyboarding Certification
  • Each student has the opportunity to test for certification in Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Access and PowerPoint