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Our Philosophy

Fayette Institute of Technology is dedicated to serving the citizens of Fayette County, while they are in high school and after they complete or leave high school through full-time education opportunities in occupational and continuing education.

The Faculty and staff are committed to helping citizens of all ages and in all communities seeking educaiton and training for immediate and long range employment needs. FIT strives to meet these needs by continually working with advisory groups reqpresenting employers, employees, citizens, community leaders, parents, and students. Emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of business and industry for trained, competent wokers. This is accomplished by providing a solid foundation of skills and related technical knowledge in the basic principals and fundamental practices of each profession offered

The continuation and expansion of the local, state, and national economies are guaranteed with a competent, well-trained, and flexible work force. Therefore, placement of citizens in gainful employment is the ultimate goal of every FIT program.

This complents the goals and objects of FIT to help citizens find and attain a station in life which is productive, useful, and satisfying. FIT students will receive the necessary ingredents to be successful in the workplace.

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Core Beliefs

Fayette Institute of Technology can meet the needs of the communities we serve by providing appropriate educational opportunities and training to all citizens of all ages to be employed in today's workforce.

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Mission Statement

To assist individuals in preparing for, becoming employed in, and advancing the skills required for their career choice.

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Vision Statement

The Fayette Institute of Technology will provide a continuum of educaiton which will alllow students to acquire advanced career and technical training through high school and beyond

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Fayette Institute of Technology is approved and/or accredited by the following agencies:
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Two certificates may be earned upon completion of a technical program at FIT.
A goal profile sheet will be proved to each student giving him/her a competency record and student employability checklist.

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Policy & Procedure

Grading Policy

Uniformity among teachers in assigning grades to pupils in the same major subjects in a particular school or among the teachers of the different school of the county is difficult to attain, In order to work toward resonable uniformity in grading in Fayette County Schools, the following plan is recommneded:

Grade                 Points

Reporting periods for grades will be once every (9) nine weeks. Interim reports will be sent home on an individual basis where necessary

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Accident Policy

All Injuries occurring in the classroom, on school grounds, on related sites, or in the clinical setting (for health occupation students), Must be reported to a faculty member immediately, Any emergency should be reported to the administration. Students and teachers should not try to handle emergencies.

Should the injury occur in the classroom, on school grounds, or on related sites, West Virginia Technical Education Center Accident Safety Report will be prepared.

Should the accident occur in the clinical setting (health occupation students only), the form used by that medical facitliy must be used and established hospital/clinic procedures followed.