Adult Education

Coordinator/Instructor: Mary Lynn Flint
AE/TASC Instructor: Lee Ann Gore

Adult Education (AE) in Fayette County is a program for adults who want to improve basic skills to enable them to build skills for success. The AE program is designed to assist any adult student in a variety of areas from basic skills to academic enrichment and technology readiness to enable them to be literate, productive, and accomplished in the workplace, home, and community.

Core Services:
  1. Intake and orientation (with friendly, supportive staff)
  2. Academic assesment (related to basic skills in the workplace and postsecondary education)
  3. Learning style inventories (determining best learning modes)Fayette Institute of Technology Logo
  4. Aptitude and career interest surveys (matching jobs to an individual's skills and interests)
  5. Referral to support services (childcare, transportation, literacy, etc)

Adult Educaiton and Training: